ProudPolitics’ approach to building leaders is built upon 3 strategic pillars:

To Build Capacity & Incubate

ProudPolitics aims to build and support leaders and potential candidates through various programs:

OUT TO WIN – a candidate and campaign training program focused on providing ambitious and motivated emergent grassroots LGBT leaders with the support needed to realize their potential, stand proud with their identity, effectively share their ideas to their constituents, and confidently run for public office

ProudVoices – a program to develop qualified spokespersons whom are able to speak about LGBT issues in the media

Proud on Board – Identify and support the appointment of LGBT leaders to public agencies and other statutory boards or bodies


To Aggregate, Share & Spread

Foster a diverse network of politically-minded Canadian LGBT citizens to aggregate political resources, ideas, and experiences in the LGBT community

Annual ProudPolitics Conference - we aim to host the biggest multi-partisan LGBT political conference in Canada

Town Hall Discussions - grassroots discussion panels & debates within communities across Canada,

Networking Mixers – faciltiate networking of the politically minded LGBT community

LGBT Political Network – help create and foster a powerful network of politically-minded LGBT donors and leaders.


To Celebrate & Nurture

Create a positive image about the roles and celebrate the achievements of LGBT leaders in order to eliminate barriers for participation in public service.

#LGBTpoli – #1 News Source for Canadian LGBT politics

ProudWatch - respond to groups or media who attack or question an LGBT official, candidate, or emergent leader's viability and leadership based on their sexual identity

Spotlight! - interview and highlight the stories, thoughts, and achievements of elected LGBT officials in Canada

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