ProudPolitics launches two new programs for LGBTIQ+ political candidates

For Immediate Release

September 3, 2014

ProudPolitics launches two new programs for LGBTIQ+ political candidates

TORONTO — ProudPolitics is launching two new programs that will support and assist LGBTIQ+ candidates for political office, and their allies. On September 6 and 7, LGBTIQ+ candidates for all levels of political office will come together at Ryerson University for the Out to Win strategy and communications training conference. The program will provide candidates with hands-on training and help them:

  • Understand factors that influence LGBTIQ+ candidates;
  • Develop communications strategies to address issues of sexuality, gender identity and trans/homophobia;
  • Clarify values, beliefs and priorities on issues that affect LGBTIQ+ communities

The conference will feature a variety of panelists and speakers, including former deputy premier George Smitherman. A full list of panelists and program details is available on our website, or at request.

ProudPolitics is also launching its unique Spotlight program, which documents the stories and political journeys of past and present openly LGBTIQ+ political leaders. The first video, featuring Toronto city councilor Kristyn Wong-Tam, will be launched at the Out to Win event.


For more information:

Josh Terry
Co-director, Communications & Marketing
[email protected]

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