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At ProudPolitics, one of our objectives is to celebrate the achievements of 2SLGBTQ+ leaders so as to profile role models, inspire and eliminate barriers for participation in public service. We believe that openly 2SLGBTQ+ leaders can be the biggest champions of inclusion, and effective intrapreneurs and change-agents from across the political spectrum.

Canadians from across the country, from Vancouver, to Yellowknife, to Red Deer, to St. John's, have a rich history of electing 2SLGBTQ+ leaders to public office, at all orders of government. Some governed as out and proud 2LGBTQ+ leaders, while others came out publicly after leaving office, and have since been champions of 2SLGBTQ+ causes. We would like to celebrate them all. Below is a list of Canada's past and present out-2SLGBTQ+ elected officials and Senators (in alphabetical order, according to last name).

Do you know of past or present out and proud elected 2SLGBTQ+ officials in your community who are not celebrated on this page? Tell us about them or connect us with them by contacting us.

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